Welcome to SKF Homepage


SKF is a non-profit organization and was established on the 7th June 1993, largely through the initiative of the late Datuk Hii Yii Chiong. By his generosity, as well as the response of many other donors, SKF became a reality with the sole purpose of providing affordable and quality dialysis treatments to kidney patients in Sibu.


The entire setting of SKF is only made possible with the generous sponsorship of the State Government of Sarawak for the land, a group of local philanthropists, as well as generous members of the public.


Over the years, SKF has treated more than 200 dialysis patients with your generous support and donations. Since 2010, we have brought in ˇ°Haemodiafiltrationˇ± machines instead of the normal dialysis machines, in order to provide better quality dialysis to the patients.


Looking for sufficient fund to maintain the services of SKF always prove a real challenge for us. Therefore, to improve our income, we have also launched various initiatives like the recycling project, enlisting regular donors, as well as placing SKF donation boxes at strategic outlets around Sibu town area.


Of course, our deepest gratitude goes to the scores of good Samaritans around that extended their unwavering and unceasing support to SKF in various ways, through cash and kind.